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Donor support makes impossible situations possible

Top Priority: Scholarships

Expanding Access

Many promising students can't attend St. Thomas due to insurmountable financial barriers.

Generous donors who fund scholarships break down those barriers, making way for a student to have the full transformtional St. Thomas experience and fulfill their potential. 

Because helping every student achieve their full potential is at the core of our mission as a Catholic university.


Priority One: Scholarships

Affordability is the #1 reason students don’t enroll at St. Thomas.

Providing financial aid to 97% of undergraduate students is insufficient to meet the need of all qualified students who want to become Tommies.

More than 35% of enrolled students still have significant financial need after scholarships, grants, work study and federal loans. This gap often forces students to:

  • take on excessive loans
  • opt out of living on campus with peers
  • work extraordinarily long hours, jeopardizing academic success
  • delay graduation
  • withdraw from school

Be a Difference-Maker

Our financial aid team has found that a scholarship of $6,000 per year closes the financial gap for potential Tommies.

You can be a difference-maker with immediate impact by contributing to our general scholarship fund or by creating a named annual scholarship.

For lasting impact, create a named endowment that will provide support to promising Tommies for years to come.

Promising Students Need Your Support

of St. Thomas students are Pell grant eligible, meaning they have high financial need
of St. Thomas students find that scholarships, work study and federal loans don't cover their college expenses
Reason for withdrawal from college is financial need
Undergraduate orientation groups meet for a meal on the lower quad

Indebted, But Not Forever In Debt

Together we can prevent students from dropping out with debt and no degree.

Your gift – at any level – will help new and current students get their degree so they can become morally responsible leaders who will make the world a better place.

If scholarship support shows a student that someone cares about them, someone wants them to go to school, imagine - just imagine what that could do.

Erin '22