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Donor support makes impossible situations possible

Priority One: Scholarships

Tommies Together Make Things Happen

Due to the pandemic, many students are facing uncertainty about their academic future. The need to make a St. Thomas education financially possible is greater now more than ever.

You can make a transformational difference in students' lives and keep the door open to opportunity by making a gift to the hardship scholarships fund today.

Priority One: Scholarships

Meeting new friends, maintaining a solid GPA, landing a summer internship, declaring a major, making the team, these are the things students worry about. On top of all that, they worry about how to pay for tuition, fees, books, food and transportation to get to school daily. And that’s a lot of worry.

For many St. Thomas students, paying for college is a challenge even without a world-wide pandemic going on. And now? Magnify the difficulty a thousand times. Dropping out of college due to financial hardship - with debt and no degree -- means students face tremendous competition in an already fierce job market.

They need your help.


Students describe the impact of gifts to scholarship funds

Hear from the Students

You can be the upside for these students. Listen to how they will use their scholarship to work for the common good.

The Need is Now

5 Million Ways to Turn it Around

In a normal year, as many as 500 St. Thomas students experience financial problems due to their own or a parent’s health, job loss or other unexpected situations. Suddenly they are unable to cover their tuition and other college expenses. Due to the pandemic:

– We expect to see a 50 percent increase in students who experience financial hardships this year
– The average need may rise from $5,000 to $7,500 per student.

Bottom line? We need your help to raise an additional $5 million.

Avoid Early Withdrawals

In the midst of a struggling economy, students need help to stay in school, graduate and enter the competitive workforce.

Significant Need

More St. Thomas students than you think experience financial need.



Pandemic Effect

The number of students facing financial difficulty is unprecedented due to the effects of COVID-19.



77 percent of college students need financial assitance

Impact Overcomes Obstacles

Your gift – at any level – will help new and current students immerse themselves in the transformative St. Thomas education.
50 percent statistic
Student doing research in a lab

Indebted, But Not Forever In Debt

We must work together to stop students from dropping out with debt and no degree.

Your gift – at any level – will help new and current students get their degree so they can become morally responsible leaders who will make the world a better place.

If scholarship support shows a student that someone cares about them, someone wants them to go to school, imagine - just imagine what that could do.

Erin '22