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rendering of the new Schoenecker Center

STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math

The Schoenecker Center

Opening its doors in 2024, the state-of-the-art STEAM complex will be a hub for innovative education,  unprecedented interaction and transformational progress on tackling the big problems from diverse perspectives.

The University of St. Thomas prepares principled leaders to advance the common good, and we will be on the leading edge of meeting the rapidly evolving needs of the community and employers.

Many of the jobs our graduates will seek over the next 20 years don’t exist today. But our students’ ability to face the challenges of tomorrow is dependent on how we prepare them today.

The learning that takes place in the Schoenecker Center will infuse creativity, innovation and flexible thinking by eliminating silos between traditionally separate academic departments. 

Schoenecker center rendering

Introducing the Schoenecker Center

The center will reshape the liberal arts foundation essential to St. Thomas student success, and their future careers.

Spontaneous interaction and collaboration between people are critical to the emergence of creative, practical ideas that work in the real world. We’ve found that for people to work differently, they need a different that inspires creativity, collaboration and experimentation – what is referred to as collaborative creativity.

Ashish Khandpur, PhD, Executive Vice President, Transportation & Electronics Business Group at 3M and former member of the St. Thomas Board of Trustees

Making the Difference

Generous and visionary donors make it possible for skilled and inspired students to positively impact their communities and solve complex real-world problems.
Guy and Barbara Schoenecker

Guy and Barbara Schoenecker, Schoeneckers Foundation

Lead Donors

“Guy believed passionately in the value of a St. Thomas education because of his experiences here as a student. He wanted to see others get the same opportunity that he had as a young man.”

- President Julie Sullivan

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Making the Difference

Lead Donors

Pierson M. and Florence B. Grieve Terrace
Pierson M. and Florence B. Grieve  

Iversen High Bay
Al Iversen 

Sarah Rose Instrumental Rehearsal Hall
Kent and Brenda Lynch

John P. Monahan Gallery
John Monahan '73 

Henry and Ruth Nachtsheim Chemistry Suite
Stephen '67 and Jami Nachtsheim


members of the groundbreaking ceremony on May 12, 2022

Breaking Ground May 2022

The Schoenecker Center will transform the university’s presence along Summit Avenue, where it will adjoin O’Shaughnessy Science Hall. Designed with input from corporate industry partners, the center will foster collaboration among students who otherwise may not have worked together in traditional classroom settings.

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