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Students sitting on a bench with thank you signs

The Tommie Network comes through!

Tommie Give Day 2023

We're gearing up for the next Tommie Give Day!

Our 9th Annual Tommie Give Day is coming soon! 

On Tommie Give Day, the entire St. Thomas community rallies to support scholarship funding that ensures access to a whole-person education for current and future Tommies. This is a great time to make your gift!

Thanks to our Board of Trustees, gifts will be matched dollar-for-dollar to double the impact of your gift. Plus, your donation will help unlock challenges throughout the day. When Tommies come together, we accomplish great things! #TommieGiveDay

Tommie and student employees of the Engagement Center stand together for a group photo

Rally to Support Scholarship Funding

Become An Advocate

On Tommie Give Day, Advocates connect with their networks, raise awareness while encouraging giving and ignite the Tommie spirit.

As an Advocate, you commit to sending one email to your network and posting twice on social media channels you connect on (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,LinkedIn, etc.). You can use our toolkit copy or create your own to meaningfully reflect your St. Thomas experience.

Check Out Our Advocate Toolkit

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2022 Tommie Give Day Results

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Screen shot of the Give Campus final result

Roll Toms!

2022 Results

These incredible results were shared shortly after midnight on Nov. 15, 2022.


Snip from the collage of singers of the Fight Song

St. Thomas Fight Song

Want to see that Fight Song video again?  You can watch it and all of the others - including the Fight Song outtakes - on the Tommie Give Day 2022 YouTube playlist .

Tommie Give Day 2022 Playlist (YouTube)