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Educating Tomorrow's Future

School of Education

Our future is bright, and we're striving to make our children's future even brighter.

In the evolution of teaching, we’ve taken a quantum leap forward. We have new ideas for a new era in education. We definitely give a respectful nod to the past, but we’re much more focused on the future. We’re like a baking-soda-volcano science project ready to explode with ideas, evidence and impact: We are changing the way educators educate. But we can’t do it without you.

With a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, we're ensuring that students of all backgrounds get the best education possible at all levels of school. But we need your help to bring this plan to life. With your support, we can develop smart and empathetic teachers and educational leaders who are equipped with the skills necessary to thrive in today's changing classroom. Moreover, your support means we can work proactively to prepare teachers in high-demand fields to ensure that we're meeting our community's needs of tomorrow, today.


Emily Wingfield

Director of Development, School of Education
Emily Wingfield
Phone Number
(651) 962-8014
Portrait photo of Amy Smith, Dean of the School of Education

Meet the Dean

Acutely aware of the power teachers have to truly impact students’ lives, Dean Dr. Amy Smith is passionate that every child – regardless of ZIP code, race or gender – deserves excellent educators. With a commitment to supporting children, Smith intends to make positive change happen by embracing a collaborative and community-based approach to tackling complex challenges facing education today.

Areas of Need

Diverse Leaders Scholarships

A diverse talent pool creates a better learning experience for students at all levels of school, and our Diverse Leaders initiative is focused on educating our best teachers and administrators, and partnering with charter, public and religious schools to place these leaders where they're needed most.

Early-childhood Education

As a society, we must invest in our most important resource -- our children -- by providing them with our best teachers as soon as possible. Our early-childhood education initiatives partner with local communities to ensure that needs are being met in the classroom, and partner with philanthropists to ensure that St. Thomas has the most accessible and equitable program possible.

Naming Opportunities

Our goal is to make the School of Education more recognizable through naming gifts for the college and centers that facilitate cross-campus collaboration. With a rich tradition of pedagogy excellence, the School of Education is the foundation for our undergraduate and graduate programs, while a named center for diversity, equity, inclusion and justice will ensure that our programs are accessible to people of all backgrounds.