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Thanks to donors

You Are Remarkable

In the face of challenges, alumni and donors rise to the occasion and are generous in so many ways.  Thank you!


July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

Alumni and Donors Advanced the Mission Last Year

Ways that alumni help students


Alumni Light the Way to the Tommie Network

As mentors or volunteers, St. Thomas alumni modeled for students the way to shape their workplace and their communities for the common good.
Volunteer Opportunities
Ways that donor have affected students


Donors Open the Opportunity Door for Students

Donors lower the financial barriers and provide encouragement to students by way of their generous gifts to the university.
Give Now
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Student Gratitude

Hundreds of students have received additional financial support from alumni and donors in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Here are a few who wanted to thank our generous donors and share what their transition to an online student experience has been like.

Giving Societies

We’re pleased to honor giving at every level. See the different ways that generous donors have defined their philanthropic traditions at St. Thomas.

Philanthropy Education

Like any good habit, philanthropy doesn't just happen.  Learn more about how we educate students about philanthropy and the donors who make their St. Thomas experience possible.

Stewardship Report

View our latest stewardship report and read about the many ways in which St. Thomas donors help to make the St. Thomas experience great.