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Serving the Whole Person

Morrison Family College of Health

At the Morrison Family College of Health, we are committed to meeting the needs of the whole person – mind, body, spirit, and community. We will prepare the next generation of leaders to improve health and community well-being. With your partnership, we can make a difference for students today and build healthier communities into the future.

We’re reimagining how health and community leaders can address the needs of the whole person, regardless of birth and circumstance. Our promise is that we will educate students from diverse backgrounds to use and integrate knowledge from different professions and fields to improve health at the individual, family, community and systems levels. We believe that the most relevant and sustainable solutions to advance healthy communities and people is when those most impacted by inequities are also a part of the solution.

We’re also striving to meet an acute demand for health professionals who possess exceptional technical skills, cultural responsiveness, and moral courage to pioneer new efforts and see complex problems as opportunities for innovation to improve health and community well-being. The Morrison Family College of Health is guided by the University of St. Thomas’ mission to educate morally responsible leaders who advance the common good.

We will succeed with support from donors and partners like you.

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Meet the Founding Dean

For Dr. MayKao Hang, developing the next generation of health leaders who respond to the people who live in our communities right now is critical. "It is really about educating leaders who are going to go out into the world to have the moral courage and the cultural competency to deliver services...but can also advocate to highlight and remove the barriers for those who are underserved," says Dr. Hang. "The Morrison Family College of Health is brand new, so we can design this with the future in mind. That means being far more globally, ethically and technology oriented."

Opportunities for Impact

Here are several ways to help the Morrison Family College of Health transform healthcare.

Scholarships and Program Innovation

Scholarships provide support to students who might otherwise not have the opportunity to earn a degree or acquire professional skills. In addition, we seek funds to create the kinds of innovations that attract faculty and students and enable them to be positive disruptors in healthcare education. 

MFCOH Academic Building

At five levels and 100,000 square feet, this new building will serve as a nexus of clinical excellence and interprofessional education, where students and faculty can engage, and community leaders can collaborate to advance change in the delivery of healthcare to the community. 

Center for Whole Person Health and Health Equity

The social determinants of health (access to housing, clean air and water, nutritious food, etc.) account for nearly 80% of the conditions that produce good health. This ambitious new center will focus on advancing health equity by addressing the key factors that build healthy communities. 

General Operating

A lot goes into building a new college from the ground up, and we’re off to a strong start with robust enrollment. Help us sustain growth and support our ambitious approach to disrupt the status quo. 

Get In Touch

To find out more about Morrison Family College of Health, please contact Joe Plante or Michelle Dingwall.