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Tommie Give Day graphic

Tommie Give Day 2022 Was a Success

On our 8th annual Tommie Give Day, the entire St. Thomas community rallied to support scholarship funding that ensures access to the whole person education for current and future Tommies. 

Gifts to St. Thomas

Your donations empower students to lead, work and serve with the skill and empathy vital to creating a better world.


student sits alone in a room in McNeeley Hall

Bridge the Distance

Scholarships remain the university's top priority. They are the great equalizer, opening the door for all students of promise. As we face social and economic challenges together, contributions to the St. Thomas Scholarship fund will allow a new generation of Tommies to continue their education at the University of St. Thomas and advance the common good in their community and workplace.

Ashley Bailey-Chang debunks the myths about the importance of giving to St. Thomas

Why Your Gift Matters

Alumni board president Ashley Bailey-Chang helps bust the myths about the costs of a St. Thomas education and the impact of your gift.