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PRIORITY ONE: Scholarships

St. Thomas accepts many students who ultimately attend other colleges because our cost is out of their reach. The university invests more than $100 million annually in financial aid to attract talented students and keep St. Thomas affordable. Even with this extraordinary commitment, there is still a significant gap. In fact, 40 percent of St. Thomas students have unmet financial need.

In November 2017, St. Thomas announced the goal of raising $200 million to add to the scholarship endowment fund, in an effort to crush this gap.

Building New Pathways: Dougherty Family College

In the fall of 2017, St. Thomas welcomed its first class of students to Dougherty Family College, a two-year college that offers a new pathway to a bachelor's degree for motivated students facing barriers to higher education.

"Dougherty Family College is closing the education and workforce gaps and providing a hand to young people to give them a boost up. We have faith in them." – Dean Alvin Abraham

Supporting Our Troops: Veterans Resource Center

The university’s new Veterans Resource Center is a one-stop shop where veteran students can find information about resources available to them, receive academic, personal and career counseling, and meet with other veterans. St. Thomas is proud to show this commitment to the 200+ Tommies who are veterans, as the university aims to become the most military-friendly university in the Upper Midwest.