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A St. Thomas engages a young scholar

Changing Lives Every Single Day

The impact of your gift doesn't end when you receive a thank you letter from a student. It's just beginning. Your support fuels the emergency needs of students as well as the programs, centers, and scholarships that will develop the next generation of leaders and thinkers in our community. Ready to make a difference? You've come to the right place.

The University of St. Thomas proudly educates students to be morally responsible leaders who think critically, act wisely, and work skillfully to advance the common good. We invite you to join us in our efforts to help St. Thomas students follow their dreams, who in turn, use what they learn to support their communities. Good things happen when we care about and invest in one another! 

I seek no backward voyage across the sea of time; I will ever press forward. I believe that God intends the present to be better than the past, and the future to be better than the present.

Archbishop John Ireland, St. Thomas Founder

Educating Leaders

College of Arts and Sciences

We're knocking down the ivory towers of higher education and bringing impactful research and programs into the communities where they're needed most.
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Dougherty Family College

Making the impossible possible. Through this visionary two-year program, we're closing the achievement gap one student at a time.
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Morrison Family College of Health

Informed by Catholic social teaching, the Morrison Family College of Health aims to solve systemic health care problems by meeting an acute demand for health care pracitioners who possess technical skills and cultural competencies and reimagining how those practitioners can address the wellness of the whole person.
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Opus College of Business

As an economic engine for the global economy, the Opus College of Business is creating tomorrow's leaders today.
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School of Education

We're investing in our future by giving teachers of all backgrounds the tools they need to succeed in any type of classroom.
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School of Engineering

When you combine liberal arts ideals with top-notch engineering skills, you get creators and designers capable of tackling any challenge.
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School of Law

Dedicated to integrating faith and reason in the search of truth, the St. Thomas School of Law educates best-in-class legal professionals who are committed to creating a more just and equitable society.
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