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University of St. Thomas Racial Justice Scholarship

This scholarship was established to support undergraduate students whose identities are underrepresented at the University of St. Thomas or whose studies focus on racial and social justice. George Floyd, a black man, was killed at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. During Mr. Floyd's memorial service, universities were called upon to create a scholarship in his memory that will support efforts to create a more just and equitable world. As a Catholic institution, we are living our mission as we embrace and prioritize seeking sustained racial reform and equity for all.

The application process and criteria for students to apply for the Racial Justice Scholarship are still in the planning stages. The university will match all gifts 1:1 to the undergraduate scholarship fund.The work to dismantle the long history of systemic racism will be hard and require thoughtful, collaborative and sustained effort. There is much work ahead to address the racial inequalities that exist about criminal justice, education, health care, jobs and wealth creation opportunities. Yet, this is work we have a responsibility to undertake, if we believe in the sanctity and dignity of every human person and in the common good, which inspires a community that enables the development of everyone’s full humanity.