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An Economic Engine for the Global Economy

Opus College of Business

We're at the cutting edge of business and industry, and your partnership means you'll be on the front line of cultivating the next generation of mission-driven business leaders.

CEOs and innovators aren't grown on trees. They're made in the Opus College of Business. With an emphasis on ethics and innovation, we're committed to developing diverse and talented students into highly principled business leaders. But we need you, if we want to succeed.

Home to 17 Fortune 500 companies and a leader in innovation, we believe that the Twin Cities will be the next great economic hub of the United States. We need your help today to make sure we can educate the thinkers and doers who will make that happen.


Tierney Wilson '12

Director of Development, Opus College of Business
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Meet the Dean

Laura Dunham became the dean of the Opus College of Business on July 1, 2022.

Prior to her dean appointment, Dunham served as the associate dean of the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship, capturing national attention as the school rose to become a top-25 undergraduate entrepreneurship program in the country. Dunham's focus on principled leadership, which has defined her career, led her to form a consortium with entrepreneurship professors at Stanford and Duke to train scholars and business leaders on better addressing the ethical challenges entrepreneurs face due to the pressures of engaging and persuading investors.

Dean Laura has been actively engaged in advancing equity and inclusion on campus and across society. She has been instrumental in developing new partnerships between the Schulze School and local organizations to combat racism and expand entrepreneurial opportunities to emerging business leaders of color.

As the dean of the Opus College of Business, her focus is on generating outstanding educational experiences for students, producing meaningful scholarship and thought leadership, and supporting the community through engaged service.

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Strengthening the Entrepreneurship Community

As entrepreneurs sharpen their knowledge and expertise, they need micro-grants to move their businesses to the next phases of development. And with additional support the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship can bring this program to more emerging business leaders from underserved communities.

Learn more about the Community Entrepreneurship Program

Areas of Need

The following programs are in need of your help today.

Student Scholarships

Success doesn't happen on its own, and we're committed to making the Opus College of Business financially accessible to all students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. By supporting scholarships, you make it possible for the next generation of leaders and innovators to attend the Opus College of Business.

Expand Entrepreneurship

The nationally ranked Schulze School of Entrepreneurship gives us the expertise to unlock the entrepreneurial potential of all students across campus. Co-curricular classrooms can encourage entrepreneurship in every major, creating fertile ground for social innovation and societal impact.

Teaching Excellence

We don't just attract the best and brightest students. Our faculty and curriculum are second to none, allowing us to bring emerging technologies and methods into the classroom as soon as they're hitting the industry. Through innovative blended learning environments and co-teaching activities for academics and professionals, we're delivering a unique experience for both students and professors.