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John Schweers


John Schweers was an exceptional teacher and mentor to graduate and undergraduate students over his 25+ years as an adjunct professor. John’s students benefitted from his lessons on business and life. One of his students stated, “Professor Schweers had great passion for the content he taught, but also for making sure students gained valuable life lessons and skills...making sure he highlighted important ethical issues for us to consider.”

John was generous with his time and talent. He was also happy to meet with students, arriving well before class started and staying late. Another student wrote, “I would always come to class early to talk with Prof. Schweers about his experiences and different books that we’ve read. I thought so highly of him. He was an amazing professor and an even better person”.

But that doesn’t begin to capture the impact John has had on the lives of so many. More than one of his students commented on how John made the students feel appreciated and his humor conveying his joy at being in the classroom. One student in particular said: “I cannot put into words the impact his positivity and clear love for teaching had on us as students, and how much his constant willingness to help us made us feel loved in the classroom.” Another student said “His love for teaching, love for students, his constant humor … made this semester the best capstone anyone could ever wish for. John was truly a joy to have as a teacher and I will never forget the impact he had on my journey as a student…”

On the last day he taught, before he left campus, he mentioned to a friend how much he had enjoyed his classes that day. He had no idea it was his last class, but he enjoyed himself, like he did every day.

Gifts made in memory of John Schweers will be used to support the Aristotle Fund, an experiential educational program for graduate and undergraduate Finance students. John has been a mentor for students in this Fund since its inception in 1999.