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John Roach Center pictured in the fall.

Assistant Director of Development, College of Arts and Sciences

Michael Taylor '17

2120 Summit Avenue

As an undergraduate student, the campus and people I met during my initial visits sold me on St. Thomas. I'm excited for the opportunity to come back to positively impact the university that gave so much to me. The only thing greater than the beauty of the campus are the staff, students, and alumni that make all future plans possible!

My goal is to be a resource for donors and alumni. We all have a passion that ties us to St. Thomas, and my area of expertise is making sure we can match that passion with opportunities that will positively impact students, facilities, and St. Thomas as a whole. Additionally, it is important to me that donors and alumni have their voices heard when it comes to the future direction of the university.

I grew up in Sturgeon Bay, WI and I’m the oldest of four (two brothers and one sister). In my free time I enjoy all things sports and outdoors including traveling, camping, and biking. I also love live music, ancient and European history, and long walks on Mississippi Blvd. My goal beginning in 2022 is to have at least one new experience every week, whether it be trying a restaurant, biking on a new trail, finding a new concert venue, or meeting someone new.


Michael Taylor '17

Assistant Director of Development, College of Arts and Sciences
Studio portrait of Campaign Giving Officer, Michael Taylor
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(651) 962-6979, or (800) 328-6819, Ext. 2-6979