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sun shines into windows in the O'Shaughnessey Frey library leather room

Unprecedented Times. Unchanging Mission.

Enabling students to continue their studies unencumbered by the financial challenges of the COVID-19 crisis so they can solve the problems of a post-pandemic world.

Gifts to St. Thomas

Your donations empower students to lead, work and serve with the skill and empathy vital to creating a better world.
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Bridge the Distance

Scholarships remain the university's top priority. They are the great equalizer, opening the door for all students of promise. As we face this pandemic together, contributions to the Hardship Scholarship fund will allow a new generation of Tommies to continue their education at the University of St. Thomas.

University Priorities

Our top fundraising priorities are designed to have the greatest impact for the greatest number of students across the university. Whether it be scholarships, faith, or student support, you can find the initiative that aligns best with your passion and philanthropic goals.
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Schools and Colleges

At St. Thomas, we have eight schools and colleges across the university, each with its own unique culture and educational experience. Driven by our world-class faculty and visionary deans, these schools and colleges are educating our leaders of the future. With your support, we will continue to deliver elite experiences for students both inside and outside the classroom.
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