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The Liberal Arts Approach: Ethical and creative leaders

St. Thomas is positioned perfectly to address today’s complex problems. Through collaboration and hands-on learning opportunities, students are taking real-world problems within our community to gain the experience they need for their careers. The SOLV initiative, an in-house think tank championed by the College of Arts and Sciences, is one example of community partners working with St. Thomas students and faculty from across the university to access inter-disciplinary solutions.

21st Century Engineers: STEAM

The School of Engineering produces well-rounded, hands-on engineers and savvy technology leaders who have the technical ability and courage to wrap their minds around ideas that can change our world.

"There is an ethical responsibility to improve the quality of life through the comprehensive application of engineering."

– Excerpted from the School of Engineering’s vision statement

Meeting the Demand: Health and Wellness Education

St. Thomas has studied how it can develop a more comprehensive and integrated approach to the growing demand for health-and-wellness professionals. As a result, the university has announced plans for a new College of Health, which will include the School of Social Work, the Graduate School of Professional Psychology and a new school of nursing.

On campus, a new Center for Well-Being will integrate counseling, primary health services, wellness and violence prevention for students into one location.