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DFC students throw graduation caps in the air at commencement


Make #TGD trend on your channels this year. Use our social assets below to spread the power of purple with your network on Tommie Give Day.

Tommie Give Day unites St. Thomas community members from around the globe in support of student success at the university. When Tommies come together, great things happen.

Follow all of the St. Thomas alumni social channels leading up to Tommie Give Day, and see how you’re your gifts make a difference.

Stand Out on Social

Make a statement by using these images as your profile picture or Zoom meeting background leading up to #TommieGiveDay. 

Simply right-click on any of these images to download them and add them to your cache of Tommie Give Day assets.

1080x1080 TGD graphic
820x312 TGD graphic
1080x1080 TGD graphic
1500x500 TGD graphic
zoom background with TGD logo

Sample Posts

Invite a Friend

I made a gift for #TommieGiveDay. Will you join me?

Inspire Community

When Tommies come together, great things happen. Join me for #TommieGiveDay.

Share Your Passion

I gave to #TommieGiveDay because [reason]. Will you join too?

Spark Impact

I gave to [college or unit] to support students on #TommieGiveDay. Will you join too?

Spread the Power of Purple

Let’s turn social media purple! Join me and change your profile picture for #TommieGiveDay

Today's the Day!

Join me for #TommieGiveDay today!

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