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Paul Bussmann '77 Memorial

The Paul Bussmann Memorial Scholarship at the University of St. Thomas was established by friends Steve “Flacho” Flach and Paul “Bad Bob” Eskrit. Paul believed strongly in education and the opportunity for everyone to pursue higher education. It is their hope that others will take the opportunity to honor Paul by contributing to the fund in Paul’s memory. Anyone can contribute to the fund through the giving form at the end of this memorial.

Words can’t express the sorrow felt by those of us who were lucky enough to have Paul Bussmann as a part of our lives. He was as “top notch” as they come. Since Paul’s passing, although we feel an emptiness, we know our souls are filled with so many things that are so “Paul” which is the ultimate gift of life that someone can give to another.

Paul taught us how not to take ourselves too seriously at opportune moments (well sometimes at the wrong moments also). He was high on humility and laughed at himself more than any other person. He brought so much good humor to all of us by his unique perspective of people and experiences in life. And those nicknames, oh those nicknames – he had a nickname for everyone he met including co-workers, spouses, parents, sons, daughters, etc. No one was off limits to a good nickname. He was Mr. Porky to us.

We also remember Paul’s one-liners! Some of our favorites are:

• “Weasel, if I had your money, I would burn mine.”
• “Flacho, you’re hopeless, quit the damn game!”
• “How ‘bout a Fresca?”
• “Let me pay for your lunch.”
• “Flacho, you look like Odd Job in that jacket, AH AH.”

The greatest honor, your honor, is to be a person that positively impacts as many lives as possible through love, kindness, perspective, generosity and of course, humor. Paul was the whole package, embodying all these characteristics. We never laughed more than when we were around Paul. And today, and tomorrow, we will continue to laugh as we think about all of the things he said and did. Oh my! All of us who knew Paul are better and happier human beings because of Paul and we are so very grateful he graced us with his presence.

Thank you in advance for joining us as we honor Paul and all that he stood for by giving to the Paul Bussmann Memorial Scholarship via the form below.

BAE Systems employees may be eligible to have their donation matched through the corporate matching gifts program. Submit donation receipts through the Matching Gifts portal and note that donation is designated for the Paul Bussmann Memorial Scholarship at the University of St. Thomas.

- Steve “Flacho” Flach (a.k.a. Odd Job) and Paul “Bad Bob” Eskrit (a.k.a. Weasel)

See Paul Bussmann's obituary here.

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